Seafront Villas

A small cluster of condominium units, the Seafront Villas bring the convenience of a city space to the beach for effortless relaxation.


A 4 to 5-minute walk from the shoreline, each Villa contains eight 1-bedroom units with balcony, two 2-bedroom garden units, and 10 parking spaces.

1-Bedroom Unit

45 sqm approx.

2-Bedroom Unit

54 sqm approx.


The Seafront Villas Unit Types

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Villas Types
1-Bedroom unit with Balcony

Feel a gentle breeze and take in the neighborhood from the balcony of your upper level condo.

  • 1
  • 1
Floor Area:

approx. 45 sqm.

2-Bedroom Garden Unit

Take a weekend off with a group of friends in this generously-sized unit.

  • 2
  • 2
Floor Area:

approx. 54 sqm.

Your own property by the beach

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Step outside your home and into diamond-shaped linear parks designed to give you a leisurely walk to the beach.